Where does our work come out?

Our team has brought our work to the public in a variety of ways thus far.

  • 1 award won for design-research (Core77 Design Awards - Research & Strategy)
  • 2 exhibition prototypes for gathering visitor inputs on difficult topics in Europe, related to heritage (Click festival - Kulturhus, Space10 festival)
    • Reflective Devices 1 - exhibition at Kulturhus - designed for entrance and exit of exhibition with theme of provocative European futures - surrounding VR film on refugee experience in Scandinavia
    • Reflective Devices 2 - exhibition at co-existence Space10 Festival - re-design of #1 to engage on theme of festival - “Co-existence in Europe”
  • 2 papers/panel/workshop (Association of Critical Heritage Studies, Conference, 2018)
    • Design and Participative Methodologies for Heritage: Exploring the Notion of ‘Borders’ through dialogic digital design methods 
    • Placeless memories: digital constructions of memory and identity’ conference, Institute of the Public Understanding of the Past, University of York, July 2017 
  • 2 co-creation workshops with design / set / audio experts - output of interactive tools for performing heritage-identity onsite + online (Scenekunstkolen, CIID Summer School)
    • Output 1 = creative-practice installation for representation of European heritage-identity and values
    • Output 2 = online digital tools for representation of European heritage-identity and values